New Blog - Again!

Yeah, okay, so it's been forever since I posted here. Oh wells! ;)

I've got another, yes ANOTHER blog up and running. Since I have rediscovered my joy of reading (in translation - since I graduated and raised a baby to where she actually sleeps through the night giving me some reading time), I have been reading nonstop. Literally. 30+ books since January. Anyway...

The point is, I read all the time and then the book that I've just finished goes to sit on the shelf next to its cousins. Oh how I love the look of all my pretty books. Well, I realized, why not do something constructive with my obsession? When I was a teenager and my mom and I would go to movies all the time we would write reviews for the McChord AFB newspaper. Great fun, good outlet. So, that's what I'm doing here...or know!

There's even a contest going on right now for a free copy of Melissa Marr's Wicked Lovely to get some lucky reader started on her books (if there's anyone that hasn't already) in preparation for next week's release of Fragile Eternity. All you have to do is comment. No joke! Anyway, stop by. Say hi. Livejournal buds, help remind me that I'm not all alone out here in cyberspace. I might get lonely...and crawl in a hole losing all value of personal hygiene as I live like a hermit.

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ESL Class Help!

Is anyone ESL or does anyone know someone else that is ESL? I have an assignment due tomorrow afternoon for one of my ESL Masters classes and I can't finish it! I need to have someone that speaks English as their second language or grew up doing so complete a survey for me. I'll include the questions here in case anyone has connections.

I don't even care if the answers are one word! Plus, it's anonymous so no worries about names or what not.

It's set up for the student and parent, but someone could just fill out the parent section as they think their parent would or just ignore it. It's designed for school aged children so an adult would just have to think back a little.


For the student:
1. What kinds of literacy opportunities are available to you at home?
2. How many books do you think you have in your home?
3. Do you now, or do you remember reading books at home with family in the past?
4. Who did you live with at home? Did you do any activities with them? Did you get any help on school work at home?
5. What do your parents think of school? Did they go to school in the United States? Did you get any sort of homework help at home?
6. What language or languages do your parents speak? What about the rest of your family? What language or languages do you speak?
7. Where were you born? If you were born outside of the U.S., when did you move here and why?
8. Did you go to school outside of the U.S.? If so, what do you remember about the teacher, the classroom and the other students?
9. What would be an ideal classroom environment for you? How would a terrific classroom look and work?
10. How does a great teacher act and what do they do?
11. What is culture? What is your culture?
12. Do you celebrate any special traditions or ceremonies?

For the parent(s):
1. What should I know about your student? What makes your student unique?
2. What is your goal for the year regarding your student?
3. What are your overall goals for you student?
4. If you had to teach your student something new, how would you do it? Did your student learn how to ride a bike? If so, how did you teach him/her?


Okay, I wrote about saving the Harp Seal Pups, now I'm going to write about saving the Human Pups. You see, each year there are many premature babies born and not all of them make it. The March for Babies, previously known as the March for Dimes, has set out to raise money for research to help give babies the healthiest possible start before they're even born. Their goal is to lower the number of premature babies born through education and adequate health care. In an ideal world, all babies would make it to full term and be happy and healthy. Let's work to get there!

That being said, every year people all over the country join the March for Babies. I did it a few times in high school and am now taking it back up. Our local March for Babies is this Saturday, March 5th. I know it's late notice, but if you're willing, I could really use your support (and sponsorship). This march is a fundraiser and fundraisers only work if we're able to raise funds! I'm here to ask you to visit my March for Babies personal site, take a look around and if you feel like contributing, go ahead and do so. I've already sponsored a few friends, so I know the site is easy to navigate and the sponsorship process is fairly easy and painless. Really, when we're talking about babies, is $10 too much?

Now that I've tugged on your heart strings a bit, I'll leave you to it.

In Lily news, we got her to sleep in her crib for about 3 hours last night. That's the first time she's slept more than 15 minutes in her crib. Of course she was totally passed out when we laid her in there, but it's a start. I was going to take pictures but I had a feeling that it would wake her up, so maybe I'll take some another time. ;D

Don't forget -


Sex Ed In School

This is coming off of the heels of the Dr. Phil episode on teens having sex.

Do I think schools should be handing out birth control? No. Do I think the nurse at the high school should have condoms available? Yes.

Do I think abstinence only should be taught? No. Do I think sex education should be taught? Yes. Kids need to know how to get birth control, the emotion and physical consequences of sex, how and when ovulation occurs, how long sperm live and the detailed aspects of how conception occurs.

Should sex ed be left up to the parents? Ideally, but then again, so should feeding your kids. If you think it's appropriate to pull the sex ed curriculum out of schools (providing they even have it), you might as well pull the breakfast program, the free/reduced lunch program and the summer breakfast programs from school. It's the parents' responsibility to feed their kids just as much as it is their responsibility to educate their children about sex. "Oh, but if we don't feed the kids they'll starve and die." Right, and if we don't educate the kids about sex, they could also die. Too many kids get STDs anymore and WAY too many kids leave their babies in dumpsters because they feel like there is no alternative.

So, that's my opinion. You don't think my child should be taught about sex education in school, well I don't think the nutrition of your child should be left up to the school.



Alabama has been pretty fun so far. The plane rides over were a pain (two layovers and three flights) especially because of some jackass 20 something year old guys that were bitching as soon as we sat down. Lily was totally silent and they were still saying, "Damn we should have bought ear plugs" about 20 times before even take off. Jerks. She did end up having a meltdown on that flight but it's because they moved my seat to the bulkhead where I didn't have anything in front of me (no wall or seat) so I couldn't get to her toys or bottle and she wouldn't nurse. When I say meltdown I mean that she cried for 3 minutes. 3 minutes of a 80 minute flight is certainly not the end of the world and yet jackass boys and first class were ticked at me. Oh well. The other flights had decent people on them that were very supportive.

So far we have walked the beach everyday. It's been fairly windy here so the one day that we tried to sit on the beach didn't end very well. We decided to walk instead. Lily has done superbly in her backpack. She'll watch the water and eventually fall asleep. Each time we've gone has been about 2 hours of walking, so I'm way impressed by my little bug. I have a bunch of shells that I'm very proud of. They're oh so pretty. My mom and Les helped me collect them of course (hard to bend over with a baby in a backpack). They have some HUGE ones that we were going to try to get this morning but alas, that didn't work. When they got their big ones, it was at like 6 in the morning. We were going to go this morning but it is just POURING rain. Oh well.

That's all for now. I'll get some pictures up soon.